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A Renter's Guide to Cutting Monthly Living Costs

A Renter's Guide to Cutting Monthly Living Costs

March 01, 2021

When shopping for a new apartment many people only look at one thing: monthly rent. In reality, cost-efficient renting comes down to looking at the bigger picture, not a single figure amount.

So, what’s included—or not included—in that figure? What about the “hidden costs” of commuting and paying out of pocket for the amenities you need to make daily life work for you? 

At The Charles at Bexley, we understand what today’s busy renters need to live their best life. You deserve a price you can afford that doesn't sacrifice your quality of life. This article highlights key ways you can cut costs while having it all.

Cut Costs Before You Move In

As you look for an apartment that's "just right," find out how you can cut costs by making a choice that works for both your wish list and your bank account:

Proximity to Work 
Conveniently located off of I-70 and US-33, The Charles at Bexley provides easy access to Downtown Bexley and Columbus. Living close to major freeways and roads means wasting less gas by accelerating and stopping frequently in your commute. Don’t forget about the accumulation of wear and tear on your car as well.

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Included Utilities
The fewer bills you have, the easier it is to create and stick to a budget. Because we include utilities like your water, sewage, and valet trash you have more room in your budget for that upcoming IKEA trip.

Apartment Upgrades
Forget about that old, drafty apartment in the other part of town. Our luxury floor plans feature new windows, furnaces, and appliances making your new place that much more efficient to heat and cool. The result? Significant monthly savings on your energy bill.

Yes, time is money. Whether you’re a student, professional, parent, or some combination of those busy roles, every minute is valuable. Your rent includes two major conveniences: on-site maintenance and valet trash collection.

Cut Costs After Settling In

Save Money with Complimentary Amenities
How much do you spend each month on your fitness membership? What about your seasonal community pool pass, sports league fees, or those endless stacks of quarters for the laundry? At the Charles at Bexley, you can cancel your Planet Fitness membership and utilize our 24/7 fitness center or swim in one of our two pools; enjoy a number of sports, such as tennis, basketball, and pickleball; and yes, do your laundry for free. Save money and simplify your life as you enjoy the many amenities included in your monthly rent!

In a healthy work-life balance, you should be able to shut off the demands of the job and enjoy your time at home. Ultimately, many people work from home even outside of COVID-19. What’s the solution? Dedicate a separate space for your work. That way when your day is over, you can shut the door and focus on the activities, people, and everything else you love. 

Enjoy Free Perks
Do we even need to ask how much you drop at the coffee shop every month? What about driving to your local establishment every Friday night? Let’s face it: having fun can rack up costs.

At The Charles, you can enjoy a number of perks included in your rent while saving on gas expenses and the overall hassle of driving:

  • Complimentary Starbucks drinks
  • Weekly open bar events
  • Grab-n-Go snack cart
  • Free WiFi at the clubhouse
  • 2 pools
  • Private dog park
  • And more!

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Monthly rental costs are about more than paying for a roof over your head. While The Charles at Bexley offers some of the best roofs around with our luxury apartments, we also take care of several other monthly costs for you. Calculate the value of your rent and save money while enjoying the good life at The Charles!

Not ready to calculate rent costs? Start by figuring out how much square footage you actually need to live comfortably.

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