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3 Tips for Moving In with Your Significant Other

3 Tips for Moving In with Your Significant Other

August 31, 2021

Whether you’re getting married or looking to bring your dating relationship to the “next level,” moving in with your significant other is a big step. Living together deepens intimacy and helps you define what a true partnership looks like. On the other hand, sharing space can present its challenges as well. Here are three tips to get you started with the conversation. 

Have the Hard Talks First

When you’re head over heels, the last thing you want to do is talk about the hard stuff. It’s scary, awkward, and definitely puts a damper on the romantic vibes. However, by facing some of these topics head on, you will not only clarify expectations, but nurture those communication skills—always a win in the relationship game!

  • How will you navigate finances?couple-talking-the-charles
  • How will you share chores?
  • If you’re not already planning on getting married, is that a possibility for the future? Where do you hope this relationship will go?
  • What contingency plans will you put in place in case of a breakup? This is an unpleasant topic for sure, but necessary to approach as you’re navigating leases, furniture, and other long-range decisions.
  • What are your hopes and fears about living together? Dedicate yourselves to complete honesty in this conversation; it will increase your confidence, deepen your relationship, and clarify whether this is the right decision before you make the big move.

Make Space

When moving in with your significant other, it’s important to make your space a couple’s space—not a bachelor or bachelorette pad with a permanent guest. Consolidate belongings, make decorating decisions together, and start building memories as a couple. However, it’s also important to retain some individuality as well. Prioritize regular “alone time” for each of you in order to pursue individual interests and healthy solitude. Clarify those times you will spend with other friends so feelings don’t get hurt later, but set boundaries with visitors as well. Finally, make sure you have enough physical space to “breathe.” The Charles at Bexley offers attractive, spacious floor plans that allow for cozy homemaking without tripping over one another. If you or your significant other works from home or pursues a hobby that requires a dedicated space, look into two-bedroom floor plans that will allow for these activities while keeping the peace.

Floor Plan Options

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff 

Developing routines and setting expectations is essential for a successful partnership at your home address. However, there are times for stepping back and showing grace as well. You and your significant other are human, and there are bound to be misplaced toothpaste caps, backwards toilet paper rolls, and the panicked, I thought you mailed that bill. Decide ahead of time that you will give one another the benefit of the doubt when the annoyances of life happen, and move forward with a smile or even a peck on the cheek.

Looking to create a home with your significant other? The Charles at Bexley offers a number of floor plans to meet your unique needs as a couple. Contact us today for a tour.

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