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3 Ways to Practice Laundry Room Etiquette

3 Ways to Practice Laundry Room Etiquette

February 16, 2021

While some apartments in our 40-acre community have in-unit laundry, others do not. Our 24/7 laundry facility features 14 washers and 10 dryers for residents to use free of charge! Practicing proper laundry room etiquette not only keeps the wash, dry, fold flow moving smoothly but also helps your neighbors be able to enjoy this complimentary amenity, too. 

What is laundry room etiquette?

In short, it's the right way to enter, use, and leave the shared space. Here are three easy ways to practice better laundry room etiquette.

Leave the Laundry Room Better Than You Found It

Having a complimentary laundry facility is great for many reasons. However, keep in mind the more people using a space the quicker messes happen. Remember to carefully pour your detergent into the washer to avoid any spills. We understand accidents happen, so if detergent drips on the floor just let our attendant know and we'll mop it right up! 

Before collecting your laundry and heading back to your apartment, take a look around and make sure you didn't drop any items of clothing or lose a dryer sheet. Don't forget to empty the lint trap so your neighbors have no issues drying their clothes.

Pick Up Your Clothes in a Timely Manner

There's nothing worse than waiting hours on end for someone to come get their clothes out of a machine you're waiting to use. When dropping off your clothes or switching them to the dryer, setting a timer is a great way to monitor when your clothes are done. We've even updated our laundry policy so you'll receive a notification by call or text (you choose) when your clothes are ready to pick up. 

Need to kill the downtime? Take advantage of the adjacent 24/7 gym while your clothes wash and dry! If you don't feel like breaking a sweat, let us treat you to a complimentary beverage in the clubhouse. 

Follow the Laundry Room Policy

To ensure all residents can use this amenity, we've recently introduced a new policy that keeps things moving swiftly. The below steps are taken with each resident to ensure social distancing, as well as efficient laundry flow. 

  1. Upon coming into the fitness/laundry entrance of the clubhouse, you must show their Charles ID to the attendant or security guard at the desk. If you do not have your ID, you cannot use the facility. This prioritizes the safety of our community.
  2. The attendant will assign you a washer or dryer machine to use. Each machine is already numbered accordingly. You are permitted to use that machine ONLY. Note 1 machine per resident.
  3. The attendant will text or call you if you do not come within 60 minutes to retrieve your laundry. If you are switching laundry to a dryer, the attendant will assign you a drying machine to use as well. The same process applies: get a text/call when the clothes are done to pick them up.
  4. If you do not pick up your clothing items within 24 hours they will be discarded.

Respect the Shared Space

Having a free laundry room helps save money and a lot of quarter counting. Because many residents utilize the shared laundry facility, we encourage you to leave the space better than you found it. If you need assistance operating one of the machines or notice a spill needs to be cleaned up, our staff is ready to help. Make the most out of your laundry day by getting a workout in at the neighboring gym or treat yourself to a complimentary beverage at our open bar. Remember to wear your mask and have your Charles ID handy! 





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