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When to Set Up Utilities and Other Moving Day Tips

When to Set Up Utilities and Other Moving Day Tips

January 05, 2021

Despite 2020 being the dumpster fire that it was, the U.S. Postal Service noted over 15 million people moved last year. The COVID-19 virus left many seeking a new lifestyle that offered safety over convenience and most of all: affordability. People could no longer pay their pricey downtown rent in addition to other expenses that come with living in the heart of bustling major cities.

Collectively, we've been forced to adapt to the new norms around us. While the memory of the worst year ever is still fresh in our minds, the desire (and need) to relocate is stronger than ever. No matter if you're preparing to move in a month or a year, there are a few things you'll need to keep top-of-mind to ensure you pick up the keys to your new apartment confidently and safely. 

Set Up Utilities in Your Name

Asking your leasing professional which utilities you'll be responsible for can help alleviate hiccups in the move-in process down the road. At The Charles, our residents are required to pay their electric and gas bills each month. Once your application is approved and your move-in day is set, set a reminder on your phone to call and change utilities to your name. Some utilities you can even set up online!

How soon should I call to set up utilities?

Our leasing experts suggest no later than 14 days prior to move-in day. This provides ample time for all parties to make sure utilities are switched easily. If you're moving into The Charles, here is the contact information for American Electric Power (AEP) and Columbia Gas. Remember to call two weeks prior to your move-in day!

Talk to your leasing professional about any utilities you'll need to set up in your name. If your move-in day is a few months out, set a reminder on your phone or computer to start this process at least 14 days before you pick up keys. Doing so will let you cross one more thing off of your to-do list!

Change Your Address

There's nothing more annoying than having to locate a package or piece of mail sent to your old apartment. Updating your address with the post office is easier than ever because you can do it online in minutes. If you choose to change your address online, all you'll need is a credit card and an email address. This costs $1.05, but if you consider the cost of convenience it's 100% worth it. If you prefer the traditional change of address method, contact your local post office or stop in to pick up a change of address form. 

Who else needs your new address?

While the USPS handles mail forwarding, there are still a few different places where you'll need to manually update your new address.

  • Your previous landlord. This ensures you get your security deposit back in a timely manner. 
  • Delivery services. Think Instacart, Amazon, DoorDash, and other accounts/apps that deliver.
  • Your place of work. Getting your W2 sent to the wrong address isn't fun for anyone. 
  • Your phone. Updating your address in your phone helps Siri provide directions much easier. 

Confirm When to Pick Up Keys

One small detail renters should ask about is when exactly they need to pick up keys. If you're moving into The Charles, we have different time slots for key pick up to ensure all new residents are accommodated to the fullest potential. Knowing when you're allowed to pick up keys on your move-in day also empowers you to schedule moving help, a Uhaul, and of course when to have a pizza delivered to your new place for the first time. 

Much more goes into relocating than packing boxes. Having a checklist to reference is the easiest way to cover your bases and ask any questions necessary prior to moving in. 2020 took a toll on all of us, but there's still plenty of ways to make sure you thrive in your new home this year. The little details like setting up utilities, updating your address, and knowing when you're scheduled to pick up keys can all be completed online to help keep you safe and healthy for move-in day!

If you have other questions about moving, talk to a leasing professional today

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