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How to Downsize

How to Downsize

December 30, 2020

Downsizing is about so much more than cutting down on expenses or space. It’s about giving yourself more freedom to focus on what matters: relationships, security, and time to do what you love. Whatever life events have brought you this opportunity to downsize, there are a few ways you can make the transition go more smoothly.

Clear Out the Stuff

Keep, toss, or donate/sell. You know the mantra—now it’s time to do it! While the process can feel overwhelming at first, take it just one room, one item, at a time, and you will make progress. Move quickly, going with your gut when you feel stuck between two piles. Remember, you rarely need multiples of an item (one pizza cutter should do), and sentimental items, such as photos and birth announcements, can be digitized. Are friends and family members interested in taking any items? That’s wonderful, but give them a deadline for pick up so you don’t begin to feel like a storage facility, and then donate whatever’s unclaimed by that date.

Simplify Your Wardrobe

Clothing takes up a lot of space, and you rarely need even half of what’s hanging in your closet. Put together a capsule wardrobe, which is a collection of quality, key pieces that can be mixed and matched while providing several years of wear. Not only will a smaller wardrobe simplify your closet, but your mind as well, requiring less outfit-choosing brain power.

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Measure Up

One of the smartest things you can do before downsizing is getting your hands on a floor plan, measuring your current furniture and large decorative items, and deciding beforehand what will make the move. Take it one step further and sketch out a basic plan for where precisely you will place these items so that moving day feels like a breeze and your new place, home.


One In, One Out

Even if you clear out your items ruthlessly, it won’t make a difference if you accumulate a ton of stuff after you make the move. Pretty soon your downsized space won’t feel like any space at all. The “one in, one out” rule is the simple idea of getting rid of an item for every item you buy. Can’t wait to get your hands on that new novel? Give another one away. Sure, go for those stylish shoes, but place an old pair in your donation pile before even cracking that new box.

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Prioritize Time and Convenience

Downsize your commitments by seeking a living situation that offers amenities that save you work and time. A full-service community like The Charles at Bexley provides beautiful, well-maintained grounds; gated security, and social and fitness activities that include an onsite gym, team sports, clubhouse, happy hour mixers, dog park, and more. With fewer memberships, chores, and time spent driving to activities, you’ll spend less and enjoy your time more. Isn’t that what downsizing is about?

Get ready to downsize in style. Explore 2-bedroom townhouses at The Charles at Bexley, available now.

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