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Make the Move to Adulting: Your First Post-College Apartment

Make the Move to Adulting: Your First Post-College Apartment

September 08, 2020

College can be a wonderful time of friendship and adventure, but when it comes to sharing a living space, it doesn’t take long for the novelty to wear off. With your degree in-hand and career on track, independence and adulting aren't far behind. Here’s how to make the most of your move into your first “grown-up” residence.

Upsize Your Sleep

No more squishing into a dinky twin bed! You have your own room now, with space for a fuller, more luxurious sleeping experience. Splurge for that big comfy cloud of a bed and get the rest you deserve.

Dine in Style

Gone are the days of gulping down cheap ramen from a stained Tupperware bowl. Make supper time self-care time, and create the meals you haven’t had the time or money for these past several years. 

You don’t have to stop with the prosciutto and fancy cheese. Go for that sophisticated set of dishes you’ve had your eye on, and new silverware, too. (Yes, it’s possible to match your forks and spoons!) Nothing says adulthood like fancy dishes—especially when you don’t have to share them.

Don’t Ditch the Desk

You’re finally done with homework, yes, unless you’re in grad school. But even if you’re no longer turning in papers or cramming for tests, your brain still wants to dream, solve, and create. Convert that old school desk into an at-home workspace for your art, poetry, sewing, puzzling, designing, letter writing, or other pursuits. Surround it with life-giving pictures, plants, mobiles, words—whatever inspires you. 

Make Entertaining Intentional

In college, if you were lucky, you had the experience of living with friends for the first time. You didn't have to schedule fun—it lived with you! Post-college, however, things tend to shift when work schedules and other commitments come into play. While having a roommate or two make for convenient socialization, evenings and weekends at home can easily devolve into hours of sitting around staring at screens or catching up on chores.

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Now that you have your own place, having an intentional connection is key. Host a casual dinner party with those new dishes and glasses you've been waiting to use. Invest in fun lounge chairs to have additional seating for those "catch-up on life" conversations. Play board games for memorable evenings of laughter and quality time. You’ll enjoy those special moments with friends and then when they go home, you’ll appreciate having a space of your own to enjoy the quiet.

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