Resident PSA: Visitor Access Upgrade - The Charles at Bexley
Resident PSA: Visitor Access Upgrade

Resident PSA: Visitor Access Upgrade

January 31, 2020

As we continue to enhance your living experience at The Charles, we’ve recently implemented security upgrades that give our tenants (you) more control.

With that being said, beginning February 1, 2020 visitors will no longer check in with a gate attendant or need a code to access the property. Instead, visitors, food deliveries, etc. will be “buzzed in” by YOU! We're introducing a state-of-the-art telephone entry system with live streaming video.  

Here’s how it works:

  1. Guest pulls up to keypad at either gate and presses "call" button
  2. Guest finds your address on the directory *Note: all addresses are abbreviated on the screen at both gates. For example, 2670 Travis Rd., Unit M will look like 2670 TR M.
  3. You receive a push notification to your smartphone via the WatchmanEVO app (directions on downloading are below).
  4. Clicking the notification triggers a 1-way video call where you can choose to open the gate from your phone or end the call

Setting up your system is a breeze. Attached is an app guide for your reference and links below for the app and the account portal:

  • Web Portal-- *Note: only the primary leaseholder will get the enrollment email to start this process. The primary leaseholder will then add additional roommates to receive calls on the Watchman EVO app. Log in to the web portal FIRST.
  • Watchman EVO App-- iOS / Android ** Remember to accept ALL requested permissions for the app to function properly.

Please log in to the web portal FIRST. Your username is your full email and your current password is password1 (case sensitive). Please change your password to something only you know. Keep in mind your new password cannot have special characters/symbols or all caps, and can only contain one number.

Please make sure to accept all permissions so that your app can receive the video calls from your visitors. If you miss your app calls or are not logged in when you receive a call from your visitors, you will receive a telephone call to the phone numbers in the Voice Only section of your account from 972-231-1999 – please save this number in your phone for easier reference.

Telephone calls from the gate can be answered normally and you will open the gate by pressing * on your dial pad.

Here is an app guide for your reference; the last page details call group management.

If you have additional questions please call 614-437-9799 and any member of our team can assist you. Please also keep in mind we're going in instill this access method on the other entrance lane too. This is now officially the way your visitors will access the property at all times.

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