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Changing Apartments Checklist: Things You Need to Do to Make Your Move a Breeze

Changing Apartments Checklist: Things You Need to Do to Make Your Move a Breeze
October 08, 2019

Moving takes some work, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you’re thinking about switching apartments, take a few pre-planning steps to make your relocation process much smoother. Then you can spend less time stressing and more time getting excited about transitioning to a beautiful new space!

  • Start planning your move a couple of months in advance so you can give proper notice (usually 30 days) to your current apartment manager and lock in a new apartment you love. When you go looking for your new place, know your move-in date so the leasing agent can give you the most up-to-date availability.
  • When touring potential new apartments, be ready to apply! When you find the “perfect place,” you won’t want to wait. Be prepared with references, credit information, and your driver’s license. 
  • Once you’ve locked in your move-in date and location, start planning the move. Line up professional movers, or if you are DIYing your relocation, rent a truck and start finding help. Gather boxes (many people list moving boxes on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace) and begin packing!
  • Submit your change of address information to the post office ( and begin to make a list of sites and accounts that will need your new address, such as your bank, credit card, Amazon, Netflix, and food delivery apps. 
  • Schedule utilities at least 14 days ahead of your move-in date, and don’t forget to close them out at your old address. 
  • Pack strategically, separating out important items you’ll need to access on a daily basis. Also pack a suitcase as if you are leaving on a trip for several days. Make sure these items stay in your car rather than the moving truck so you don’t get stuck without necessities, such as important documents, medications, work clothes, or hygiene products. 
  • Make sure you measure dimensions of your furniture for smooth unloading into your new place. If you need to take furniture apart to fit into certain doorways or stairwells, arrive prepared with the appropriate tools and help. 
  • Schedule a final walk-through of your current apartment to ensure you get back your security deposit. Also schedule a specific time with your leasing agent for picking up your keys so that you don’t encounter any delay on moving day!  

  • Although you’ll want to feel settled in soon, don’t feel like you have to get everything done right away. Take time to rest, meet new neighbors, and explore local stores and restaurants. Enjoy the process, making a little progress every day. Before you know it, your new apartment will be home. 
moving, checklist, charles, bexley, move in, apartment
moving, checklist, charles, bexley, move in, apartment

At The Charles at Bexley, we make it a priority to help make your move-in day as hassle-free as possible. Visit our site and schedule your tour today, so you can find the perfect next apartment for you! 

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